Argentina – Incredible Country

Argentina has it all – miles of beaches, high mountains, endless deserts, breathtaking waterfalls, huge cities and wild, uninhabited expanses of Patagonia.

In Buenos Aires you can visit the Plaza de Mayo (Square “May”) with Casa Rosada presidential palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral where is the grave of the national war hero of independence Jose de San Martin. Do not miss and the Museum of Natural Science, Museum of fine arts, international art gallery, museum “Fernandez Blanco”. Take a walk around the the cultural center of San Martin, the National Museum of Art, the Museum of Cinema and the national historical museum. If you are fan of beautiful buildings, you can find numerous examples of national architecture like the famous Theatre Colon – Center of opera and ballet of the whole South America. The shopping maniacs are not forget, boulevard “9 July” with all the fantastic shops and malls is the biggest shopping area in the world.

Some of the most interesting attractions are the “Fiesta Gaucho” and “Tango show”. They offer the tourist a possibility to learn more about the life, cuisine, customs and music of Argentina. You will also be able to meet the best Tango performers in the world.Special places are La Boca, the colorful Italian suburb and Mar del Plata resort, situated 400 km south of Buenos Aires. Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina. From an architectural point, Cordoba in many ways is superior to the capital. There are magnificent ensembles of the colonial times – the old market, the Catholic cathedral, etc.

On the border, between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, is located the famous National Park “Iguazu”, occupying 55 thousand hectares. The park is one of the modern wonders of the world – 275 waterfalls that descend for 1 second 5000 cubic meters of water from a height of 70 meters. There is also thousands of species of exotic birds, butterflies, unique tropical forests. Nearby there are ruins of the old Jesuit missions.

Argentina has many sea and mountain resorts. One of them that should be noted is Bariloche, located on Lake Hayes-Uapi. The area is often called the Switzerland, because of similarities in the landscape and the production of high quality chocolate. There are many attractions – you can go hunting and fishing, there are golf courses and ski slopes with ski lifts

You can find almost everything in Argentina. Many beautiful cities and resorts. Great people and fantastic attractions. Great places and fun everywhere. Do not hesitate and feel the pleasure of being there. You won’t regret.

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